IBM Power10: The Dawn of the New Cloud Computing Era 


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The numbers don’t lie – 80% of the largest companies by revenue in the United States use IBM Power servers to host their mission-critical IT applications. The world’s largest banks, retailers, and healthcare systems rely on IBM Power to run their business. After five years of development and hundreds of new and pending patents, the Power10 processor delivers more power and flexibility than ever. What are its key features and innovations, and what sets it apart from its predecessors?

The cloud computing era has dawned, and IBM Power10 is leading the way. IBM Power10 is the world’s most powerful processor, designed for enterprise workloads and built for speed, scale, and security. This new processor is designed for the next generation of data-intensive applications. It offers unprecedented performance and scalability, making it ideal for running demanding workloads in the cloud, being it public, private or hybrid. With its high performance and efficiency, IBM Power10 is poised to revolutionize the way businesses use cloud computing. Read our take on cloud computing here and here.

The world today

The world has never had so many opportunities. On the other hand, this has also created uncertainties with the constant pressure to deliver new services and operate efficiently while managing cybersecurity risks.

Businesses are shifting operations to the cloud, but recognize the continued value of on-premise infrastructure. In fact, 56% of CEOs say, when asked about their priorities over the next 2-3 years, that they need to aggressively pursue operational agility and flexibility – more than any other action.1 Moreover, 64% of organizations shifted to more cloud-based business activities in response to COVID-19.2 Now, 97% are using cloud, and 78% have at least piloted AI in the cloud.3 In conclusion, 85% agree that on-premise infrastructure is critical to their firms’ hybrid cloud strategy.4

Cyber-criminals continue to be able to successfully infiltrate organizations around the world. Ransomware was the most commonly observed attack type last year, accounting for 21% of the total. Phishing attacks were the most common way to compromise an organization in 2021, with 41% of attacks using phishing for initial access.5

More power Everywhere

This is why in today’s environment of constant and rapid change it is important to drive greater alignment between business and IT priorities by:

    • increasing flexibility;
    • improving security and resiliency;
    • deriving more value from data;
    • ensuring continuous operations.

Here are just a few of the benefits that the IBM Power10 processor and servers built with it offer to reach those goals:

  • Flexible deployment options – A variety of deployment options (private, public or hybrid cloud) and consumption models (CAPEX or OPEX-focused) allow you to choose the best solution for your organization.
  • Enhanced security – With new built-in security features like transparent memory encryption and in-core SHA-3 accelerators, IBM Power10 helps protect your data and applications from current threats.
  • Increased performance – With up to three times the performance of the previous generation (IBM POWER9), IBM Power10 is designed to handle even the most demanding workloads.
  • AI-infused core – Use artificial intelligence directly on the processor instead of relying on expensive external accelerators, making this ideal for cloud environments.
  • Lower costs and sustainability – The increased efficiency of IBM Power10 will help reduce your overall IT budget requirements and environmental impact.

Bountiful functionalities

Respond faster to business demands: Set a new standard for performance with containerized cloud-native applications.

Protect data from core to cloud: Enable advanced protection with workload isolation and platform integrity to the processor as part of a zero-trust approach.

Streamline insights and automation: Run inferencing models directly on the chip to bring AI closer to core enterprise data and applications.

Ensure uptime and reliability: Be class-leading in infrastructure reliability with high levels of subsystems redundancy and self-healing capabilities.

In conclusion, the IBM Power10 processor is set to change the landscape of cloud computing. With its new features and capabilities, it is poised to become the industry standard. For businesses and organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve, IBM Power10 is the way to go.

We can help you gain More power with Power10

We have been working with the IBM Power platform for years and are often among the few first IBM business partners to introduce the new solutions to Swiss customers. As a recognition of our technical commitment, our CTO has been awarded the IBM Champion for Power title for the last six years in a row.

Moreover, InnoBoost is an IBM Platinum business partner, a level reserved for partners who deliver high-value transformative solutions and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, technical and sales certifications, and sales success.

Our skilled, agile, and certified team prides itself on delivering an unparalleled experience to its customers. From system and solution design to configuration, from price negotiation with IBM to ordering and delivery tracking, we ensure a seamless business transition. We also arrange access to other partners and consultants as needed.

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