About us

InnoBoost is a digital innovation player specializing in the study of innovative use cases, solution design, implementation of pilots for validation and industrial deployment of the solution, which can then evolve with technological needs and improvements. We work in state-of-the-art fields, including artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

A Global Approach

InnoBoost brings innovation to its customers – large accounts, SMEs or start-ups – by focusing on two areas:

  • The resale of solutions (hardware and software) from IBM and other partners;
  • The incubation of solutions, mainly using products around the AI and IoT of our technology partners.

Our goal is to enable any company, whatever its size, to access solutions which are powerful with their capabilities, responding to specific use cases and can be deployed quickly, easily, and at an affordable cost while guaranteeing their scalability.

We also place great importance on assembling solutions and continue to diversify our product portfolio through new partnerships.

Our Founders

Michel Röthlisberger


Lionel Clavien


Etienne Coulon

VP Business Development

Our core team accumulates around 90 years of experience in technology, marketing, sales and business development with a strong local and international network.