Our Ecosystem

In addition to its strategic partnership with IBM, InnoBoost has access to a large network of start-ups and other innovative companies that provide it with the technological building blocks it needs to incubate its solutions. Some of these partnerships grant us exclusive resale rights on the Swiss territory.

IBM, a Key Partner

Our most important partnership to date is the result of a long-standing collaboration. Indeed, the majority of InnoBoost’s employees come from a former key partner of IBM, which was well known in the western Swiss market for almost 20 years until its takeover.

In addition to detailed knowledge of IBM’s internal processes, we have extensive knowledge of the product portfolio of servers, storage and software, in particular the “Cognitive Systems” range and what IBM calls “new workloads” (everything related to GNU/Linux and the cloud).

InnoBoost’s technical quality is publicly recognized by IBM, to the point that it has awarded its CTO four years in a row the status of “IBM Champion for Power” – the highest technical distinction for a non-IBM employee. Among other benefits, this gives InnoBoost early access to strategic information such as roadmaps and strategic directions, so that we can better advise our customers on their infrastructure evolution strategy.