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As an incubator of innovative solutions that implements cutting-edge technologies, we are dedicated to finding the best way to manage the lifecycle of your data, from its generation to its consumption. To make sure you get the best of what the modern technological advancement has to offer, we develop our solutions in cooperation with IBM, Red Hat, Lenovo, Empow, and other invaluable partners. To be able to develop tailor-made solutions designed to fulfill all your needs, our team of experts has mastered areas such as the Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Quantum Computing, data production, security, storage, and much more.

Data Lifecycle

People often ignore that creating data requires having a secure way of storing it, from where it can be transferred to processing and consuming. Poorly optimized data lifecycle management adds to your overall costs. Having an optimal way to manage data at each stage of its life cycle is crucial for maximizing your company’s value. As the volume of the data grows, having a specialized approach to handling data at each stage significantly improves your company’s processes, cost control, and data usability. And to make sure you have the latest innovations at your disposal, we’ve mastered solutions that take care of all the six stages of your data lifecycle.

Data Production

With the development of new advanced data production systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses require better and more robust tools such as the Intelligent Edge technology to optimize and improve their data acquisition.

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Data Processing

We utilize the latest innovations in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and high-performance analytics technology for optimized data processing. Implement the most advanced data processing systems and boost your company’s efficiency and profitability.

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Data Consumption

Rely on IBM and Red Hat OpenShift technology to combine the private, public, and hybrid cloud models, providing multi-cloud management solutions that offer a superior and agile mode of data consumption.

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Data Transfer

Using an array of options provided by software-defined networking (SND), we can create the most optimal, reliable and cost-effective mode of data transference.

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Data Storage

Make your data virtually indestructible by storing it on the cloud, tape, or via a distributed file system (DFS), and never worry about the safety or volume of your data.

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Data Security

Secure your data by implementing advanced orchestration, blockchain, quantum key distribution, and homomorphic encryption technologies to protect your company from all unwanted actions that can harm your brand.

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What does it mean to be an IBM partner and how does it benefit you?

Years of hard work and advanced innovation that bring consistent results to our clients have earned us a badge of a platinum IBM partner. For us, it means having the privilege to cooperate and co-create with IBM. For you, it means you can access state-of-the-art data lifecycle management strategies with industry-leading Hybrid Cloud, AI, IoT, Quantum Computing technologies, and many more benefits that will help us provide the best solutions for your data lifecycle management.

“InnoBoost can provide its customers with resilient solutions for their data.”

Jeff Maslovsky, Partner Manager IBM Storage

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