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Enter the future of business with IBM’s AI solutions!


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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has moved from science fiction to a business fact. To meet today’s challenges and prepare for the future, you need AI solutions that integrate with your infrastructure and data strategy. This workshop will try to help you answer four questions:

1. Where can we make better decisions?

One of the fundamental opportunities for AI or AI-augmented solutions lies in any process or area where your organization can improve its decision-making. In particular, where would your organization benefit from moving to a more data-driven model for making business decisions rather than relying entirely on human instinct and input? The goal is to ask oneself where and if better decisions could be made. When a company has people with authority willing to make changes and revisit assumptions using data-driven AI models, there is a rather good opportunity for a successful AI project.

2. Where are we most inefficient or what can be automated?

The best first step for uncovering AI opportunities is to look for areas where things aren’t running optimally today. Identify which of your processes have measurable inefficiencies. A mostly universal example would be to look for critical processes or tasks in your business that rely heavily (or entirely) on manual data entry.

3. Where do we have a lot of relevant data?

AI depends upon the information you feed it. While that could ultimately come from all kind of sources, the early phases of identifying promising AI opportunities will likely be better served by considering areas in which you have robust, reliable, and accessible data. “Good” data availability is a key element for uncovering good AI opportunities.

4. How can we start?

A successful implementation of an AI project needs a trusted and skilled partner. InnoBoost will be by your side from the first discussions around finding the right use case to the successful implementation in production!


This workshop will be held online, in English and will feature renowned IBM speakers from the IBM Montpellier Client Center.

Registered participants will receive the videoconferencing platform (Webex) access data 24-48 hours before the event.

Should you not have time for the whole day, you may register separately for the presentations and the hands-on. Each participant to the hands-on will need to have a verified IBM Cloud account, which can be created for free here.


09:00 – 11:15: Interactive presentations


  • Welcome and Introduction 
  • AI Solutions from IBM: From Big Data to AI
  • A Watson Ecosystem Overview: How to
  • Start With AI?
11:15 – 16:15: Hands-on sessions (with a break 12:30 – 13:30


  • Create Your First AI Model to Score Your Customers
  • Practice Data Science In-a-box with Watson Studio
  • Create Your First Chatbot with Watson Assistant
  • Wrap-up and Next Steps


Registration is closed as the event has finished.

Stay tuned for our next event!

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